Biting the bullet.

March 24, 2010

So, I finally did it…I upgraded to Flickr Pro. This has been a long time coming, but I just really did not want to pay that $25. I know it’s not that much, but I get nothing tangible from it (like, say, three yards of fabric). The impetus was my joining the {Urban} Home Goods swap*. I’m slowly reorganizing and posting a cache of photos of my finished projects, but my account is kind of bare now. I’ll be adding these to the Modify Tradition group pool soon (click the name for a link to the tutorial):


Antique Tile


Dutchman’s Puzzle

The next block is not from a Modify Tradition tutorial, but is a traditional block that I have chosen to include in the small sampler quilt I’m making. I am calling it Brick, though it has other names, because it was inspired by the brick sidewalks that extend between Harvard and Central. On the same day as I looked down and thought to myself, “That would be a great quilt pattern,” I found this block. Serendipity strikes!

The traditional layout is four columns of the bricks with no background color, but y’all know I love a strong neutral presence (and a lopsided one, too).  This is a lot of fun to make because it is more of a recipe than a pattern, and that is a good thing. I am planning a full quilt from this (and possibly a tutorial).

Before I forget, fabrics are: Everything But the Kitchen Sink (the floral one), Paula Prass Woodland Delight (the crazy zigzag), Kona in Pepper, and Yuwa/ Kei  Honeycomb (which I am admittedly and happily incapable of NOT using in a quilt).

*Here is my inspiration mosaic for the swap. It makes me look like a DS freak, which I’m not! Click the link above for photo credits. You know you want to see who made that car quilt.