Monday stash

March 15, 2010

The weather here is beyond terrible, so I can’t photograph any of my WIPs or finished projects. I completed my log cabin quilt top, two small projects, the blocks for another self-designed improv quilt, and three muslins (all of which I’m glad I did because the projects require extensive alterations)…but no photos until the rain clears up!

Instead, I want to share some images of the antique lace that my grandmother gave me to incorporate into my projects:

I haven’t decided how I’ll use them yet, but I love having them in my stash! They are living next to a pair of electric scissors she bought from Sears when they first came out (year unknown).

Hope you all had a productive weekend, regardless of the weather!

…because that’s all one can usually afford, right?

I went to Waechter’s Silk Shop in Asheville, NC a few weeks ago and got myself some Liberty fabric, which I now remove and touch every night before I go to bed. Waechter’s is one of the few online and brick-and-mortar retailers of Liberty fabric in the US (the only other one I know of is Purl).

The buttons, of course, are from Windsor Button…where else? I hope I can find some use for the top two fabrics. They’re not very quilty, and I didn’t buy enough to make a garment…but for now, I’m happy to have them! I think I’ll use the bottom fabric for my Flying Geese quilt.

I’m off to Cambridge Quilts in a bit for the white fabric for the SIGGY SWAP. Have a good Friday!