Fabric: Scarlet Fig by Laurie Wisbrun, DS Hope Valley (purchased from Hawthorne Threads, my fave online store), Kona cotton in Charcoal, some black polka-dot fabric from Fabric Corner (y’all know I love fabric corner)

Made for: My friend’s baby’s first birthday

Time to complete: About six weeks 😦

Boo, I’m ashamed of myself for taking so long to finish this. The top came together in a couple of days, I had enough batting and backing fabric to make a pieced back and my quilt sandwich immediately, and…it sat.

I originally wanted to tie it, but it looked HORRIBLE, so I waited for further inspiration. Then, I decided to quilt wonky squares around the squares with simple black thread…but when I was done, it still felt like it needed a special something.

Finally, it hit me: hand embroidery! I drew 3/4″ lines around the blocks and embroidered them in long lines. I LOVE how it looks. I completed most of it to and from NYC on the bus, which had the added benefit of keeping me extremely cozy during the long and cold ride from Boston.

embroidery detail

And then…it sat for a couple of weeks while I waited for the mood to strike to bind it. I don’t like binding very much, because I feel it is never quite right. I am always disappointed with how it turns out and I feel compelled to go back and fix every imperfect stitch. That is NOT a recipe for quilting happiness. Fortunately, the binding fabric I chose worked so well that I became motivated to quilt it. And voila! Two episodes of SVU later (one involving an endangered animal smuggling ring…) and I was finished.

backing fabric detail

I can’t wait to give this to my friend K. Her baby is turning one in the same week that they are moving into a new house. I think it will be the perfect gift.

Sorry for the blog silence…my computer was being repaired and I went out of town for a few days (and to Purl, from which I’ll be showing my new fabric collection soon).  I spent my time in transit watching “Glee” and hand-quilting my animal squares baby quilt…I have ten of the sixteen squares completed!

Before I left, I finished the binding on the Stripe Posy Patch quilt and gave it to my mother for her birthday (sadly, she checks my blog more often than I thought, and she saw it before I sent it off):

I was very happy with it when it was finished. I quilted it minimally–only stitch-in-the-ditch–and I was happy I made that choice.  The lines are strong, and I wanted to emphasize them.

Sadly, I could only snap a select few photos, as I was doing this in the middle of (crowded) Harvard Yard and attracting the attention of groups of onlookers. I hand-embroidered the signature, which is now my favorite part of this quilt:

I have a completed wonky star top and another Gwen Marston-inspired creation to show you soon…until then, happy quilting!