Potholder pride

March 17, 2010

Fellow NEMQG member Amy started a second round of the potholder pass last month, and I happily joined. I made one string block (paper-pieced) and one wonky log cabin block, both measuring about 8″ square, for my partner Karen:

Karen said she wanted Heather Ross fabrics, but I didn’t have any, so I substituted. I thought this Kokka print shared the same whimsical qualities, and I had enough in my stash to do both bindings and still have fabric left over.

The string block is stippled using a pearl gray thread, and the log cabin block is lightly quilted with the same.

I made pockets on the backs using my leftover “Retro Garden” fabric.

I even sacrificed some of my Honeycomb, which is, without question, my #1 favorite fabric of all time.

I am so happy with how these turned out, but I was terribly nervous along the way! I am relatively free-wheeling when it comes to my own projects and forgiving of myself when I make mistakes…but creating things for other people adds a new level of obsessive perfectionism.

As always, there are stray threads invading my photos…

I really hope she likes them. Thanks, Amy, for this fun and rewarding swap!