Sorry for the blog silence…my computer was being repaired and I went out of town for a few days (and to Purl, from which I’ll be showing my new fabric collection soon).  I spent my time in transit watching “Glee” and hand-quilting my animal squares baby quilt…I have ten of the sixteen squares completed!

Before I left, I finished the binding on the Stripe Posy Patch quilt and gave it to my mother for her birthday (sadly, she checks my blog more often than I thought, and she saw it before I sent it off):

I was very happy with it when it was finished. I quilted it minimally–only stitch-in-the-ditch–and I was happy I made that choice.  The lines are strong, and I wanted to emphasize them.

Sadly, I could only snap a select few photos, as I was doing this in the middle of (crowded) Harvard Yard and attracting the attention of groups of onlookers. I hand-embroidered the signature, which is now my favorite part of this quilt:

I have a completed wonky star top and another Gwen Marston-inspired creation to show you soon…until then, happy quilting!