…in a new, old incarnation!

This quilt top was kind of…a process. I bought about eight yards of fabric for it, in many shades of yellow, two black-and-white, two grays–and several Amy Butler, white-dominant, yellow and/or gray florals. I decided on 6″ squares, because some of the AB prints were large-scale and had such beautiful lines, I didn’t want to lose them in the finished quilt.

I got my fabric pile all lined up, turned it this way and that, hemmed and hawed, tried to surprise myself into looking at it in a new way by leaving the room and then returning to it quickly to make sure nothing really caught my eye in a bad way (that doesn’t work, by the way)…sewed it up into strips, tried to cover up some of the fabrics to see what happened, etc. In the end, and this wasn’t intentional because I find it kind of weird and robotic, I ended up using exclusively AB and Denyse Schmidt fabric.  I removed all of the bright yellows and the stark black-and-white, leaving only some prints from the DS Hope Valley line and the Amy Butler florals.  I even MADE several (we’re talking dozens) of squares that I ended up disliking strongly, and are now lingering in the stash. I tried it with the black, without (it looked flat and horrible)…with extra yellow, with less yellow…etc. Finally, I just sewed it together, somewhat randomly. My only intention was to have as few same-colored triangles touch as possible.

I wanted a twin-sized quilt, but I had to get rid of so many squares that it ended up being only about 60 X 65. But…I really love how it turned out:

In other news, I busted some of the fabric budget I set out for my trip to Purl on Saturday (eee!) on these two fabrics from Gorgeous Fabrics:

Daisy May cotton

This is for a new quilt I have planned, unless I think it doesn’t work, in which case it will become a dress (I bought enough to make one, just in case).

Those of you that know about my obsession with Liberty fabrics will understand my excitement over this fantastic cotton lawn at a truly amazing price:

I bought enough for a dress AND a shirt. Definitely worth spending a part of my Purl kitty!