Thank you and a decision

June 3, 2010

Thanks to everyone who commented online and in person and supported my gut feeling: a bordered square is best! Here was my original sketch (with quilting plan):

And here are the blocks arranged up on the wall (with a few sewn together already):

I put them on the wall, one by one, trying to achieve as much balance as possible the first time around. I honestly didn’t trust myself to mess around with the arrangement very much. After hearing Denyse talk about how “analyzed” her arrangements are, I was a bit paranoid. There are a few things I don’t like about the arrangement, but overall, I am very pleased with it.

I read once on Film in the Fridge that you should always take a photo of your quilt and then actually load it onto your computer (the annoying part) to analyze block placement. THIS IS A MUST WITH AN IMPROV QUILT. First, because you need a reference when you start pulling them down to sew them together. Second, you can tell how each fabric “reads,” not just what it looks like. Very important.

The one thing I didn’t anticipate was how difficult it would be to sew all of the blocks together…they were all different sizes, and trying to figure out the “best” way to arrange them has been difficult. Sewing them in strips would kill the improv look, so a random approach has been more effective in retaining the overall feel, but it has taken a while.  I’m still not done, but my copy of Prime Suspect, Season 2 has arrived, so I hope to put in some quality time in front of the sewing machine and TV soon :).


2 Responses to “Thank you and a decision”

  1. yahaira Says:

    it’s looking great and yay for framing!

    it looks like a huge puzzle. how are you going to sew that one piece that looks too small (top right)?

  2. ok wow. This is awesome. You balanced everything PERFECT. Seriously.

    I owe you like, 9 zillion emails at this point! Mr. McPorkchop & I flew the coop last weekend & hid in a cabin with no cell phones or internet…eep!

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