Vogue 5295: Kitchenwear Revisited

May 6, 2010

Oh, Vogue 5295, I had such high hopes for you. You were a spur-of-the-moment purchase, the kind I hardly ever make, because I thought you were adorable, wearable, and insanely versatile.

I loved your fabric buttons and even your lovely shade of pink, which I thought would look nice with my coloring, since the model kind of “resembles” me. You didn’t even require a zipper (not that I mind putting them in). You were a nice, relaxing vacation project…at first.

Soon, you became a mockery…the functional equivalent of Barbie’s chef’s apron.

You asked me to follow your instructions for bound buttonholes. They were terrible. Why didn’t I use a tried-and-true method (not that I’m very good at any of them to begin with)? Why did my final product turn out looking like a brightly-colored pilgrim costume instead of a pretty, wear-to-work-and-then-out-for-drinks frock?

The shame.

The only thing I like about you is the hanger I hung you on, which I found buried in my grandmother’s coat closet. <sigh>

But I will not hang my head sadly! I do enjoy posting about my failures as much as my successes, in the hopes that others will find comfort in my (frequent) sewing mishaps.  I don’t know if it was me or the pattern this time (probably 90/10, with me bearing the brunt of the blame), but these things do happen.

I hope your sewing is more fruitful than mine!

P.S. My friend Amanda over at modernAcorn is working on a plan (involving quilts, of course) to aid an animal rescue organization that assists animals affected by the recent, devastating gulf oil spill. Hop on over to her blog to learn more about it!


4 Responses to “Vogue 5295: Kitchenwear Revisited”

  1. yahaira Says:

    the dress looks like it has a sad face on the hanger. or is that a look of disgust? sorry this one isn’t working out, maybe you had too many good ones in a row 🙂

  2. Susannah Says:

    Ohhh, too bad. But it’s good to document the fails… it creates solidarity. I get annoyed by craft blogs that gloss over any difficulties and make it look like anyone can throw together a chiffon dress with bias charmeuse lining in 8 hours if they just put a little effort into it.

    Can it be saved? Maybe with a “hanger fix”?

  3. Tasia Says:

    Ohh that’s no good! I would have thought it would be a super simple dress to whip up too, judging by the pattern cover and the sneaky lies of ‘Easy to Make…’
    I have failures, too. The reason I haven’t posted any is that maybe there’s hope for them yet, so before I doom them to UFO-land on the internet, maybe I can give them one last shot…later, when I’m less mad.
    And hey, at least your red dress turned out brilliantly!

  4. lsaspacey Says:

    It could still be cute. If the buttonholes are the only problem, big enough buttons could hide them from non-sewer eyes, only you would know. Why not try it?

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