Vogue 3521 (or How I Actually Made Something That Fit)

April 25, 2010

I didn’t say anything on the blog, but I suffered a fairly extreme disappointment a few weeks ago, and I bought this pattern to make myself feel better. I showed y’all a sneak peek on Saturday, and here is the final (and modeled) product:

This is going to be a picture-heavy and word-light post (unusual, I know) because I made the dress almost exactly as written…and taking photos of myself wasn’t as difficult as usual, owing to the cooperative weather.

I really, really, really love it. I took a chance and bought a 30.5″ bust because I’ve been getting so irritated by the amount of ease in the bust in vintage patterns, and it fits like a charm. My only complaint is that the skirt isn’t lined, just the bodice, and after wearing it once, I really think the skirt needs a lining.

The flowers are obviously a “modification” of sorts. I omitted the self buckle belt because once I got the flowers on, it just seemed like too much, so I made a thin fabric belt that snaps in the back. It’s nothing special, but I think it adds a nice extra touch.

The flowers were honestly a burst of inspiration halfway through the process. I used Calamity Kim’s tutorial, which was great. She’s right, though; you have to make a lot of flowers to come up with a few good ones. I made six to end up with three nicely-sized rosettes.

Onto the boring parts. This was actually a wearable muslin, but I’m not motivated to make the pattern again right now, so I’m not doing it. But I’m so happy with it, it doesn’t matter! The pattern is versatile and fits well (for once!), so I’m sure I’ll make it again another time. My zipper is hand-inserted, as usual. This time, I did it while sitting next to an old lady in the library watching Lost on abc.com…but it’s Harvard. Nobody even looks askance at me. My stitching looks great this time…can you even tell it’s hand-stitched? I’m so proud of it.

The fabric is a linen/ rayon blend in a lovely, bright, coraly red. It’s very vibrant, and it’s a nice spring color for me. I used to really avoid reds because of my hair, but I’ve realized it actually looks good, not scary!

I’m planning to enter this in the Pattern Review vintage competition. I’m hoping they will accept modifications (the flowers)…please tell me if you know they don’t! I am so excited to have something to enter. For some reason, I like entering competitions, but I really don’t care about winning. Plus, how could I? Have you seen the Slapdash Sewist entry??

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I’m taking time off for the first time in a year this week, but I spent almost the entire day learning how to do bound buttonholes, so sewing progress is slow…

ETA: I can’t contribute to the PR competition because I’ve been a member for fewer than three months!! Oh, well…maybe next time!


14 Responses to “Vogue 3521 (or How I Actually Made Something That Fit)”

  1. It’s fantastic!! What a great dress – you should definitely enter! I don’t know about adding roses but it seems minor to me — but go ask on the message board and get a ruling so you’re sure.

  2. Byrdie Says:

    Gorgeous dress! The fit is very flattering on you. And the color looks great- it compliments your hair very well.

  3. Wow-the dress is beautiful! I love the flower detailing too.

  4. Looks absolutely adorable on you. Love the red and the flowers are perfect. I was thinking of joining in on the contest too…thanks for saving me time as I have only been a member for a couple of weeks myself.

  5. Peter Says:

    Lovely dress and the flowers are wonderful addition.

  6. Eva Girl Says:

    This came out BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the flowers too. It’s a lovely dress and looks so nice on you. I think the fabric makes it perfectly pretty…LOVE it : )

  7. ali Says:

    absolutely stunning! great color and fit. and thanks for the link to the flower tutorial!

  8. I absolutely love this. Seriously – I’m doing an EBay hunt for this pattern tonight. It is a fabulous dress in the perfect color for it. Love!

  9. Stacy Says:

    That dress is drop dead gorgeous! The color, the fabric, the fit–I love it all. You should be very proud.

  10. Nancy Says:

    Love that red color! I would recommend a full or half slip. A lot of dresses back in the day were meant to have a slip worn with them. As far as I know my grandmother would never leave the house without the full array of underpinnings. That included hose, bra and panties, and a slip.

  11. Tasia Says:

    Absolutely love it!! That colour is divine and the flower detail really makes the dress. Great job, hard to believe it’s a wearable muslin! I bet you get a ton of compliments on that dress 😉

  12. Miss Emmi Says:

    That dress looks amazing on you! Your hand stitching looks so professional too, I’m jealous of your skills!

    I wonder if I should try a similar thing to you and buy patterns that are slightly smaller in the bust – 32 ends up too big on me due to the ease, but I feel like 30 would be too small (I’m 31, so it’s hard to know what side I should choose!)

  13. yahaira Says:

    that dress is perfect! see what happens when you don’t use a simplicity pattern? 🙂
    seriously, it’s gorgeous and I do hope you submit it to the contest. don’t stay away from red again

  14. pippapatchwork Says:

    That is one gorgeous dress! It turned out beautifully. Congrats!

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