A truly wearable muslin

April 10, 2010

Look how happy I am!

I finally finished something I actually will wear and–gasp–would even buy! It’s the lovely and versatile Burdastyle Jenny skirt pattern. I made this as a test run, also called a wearable muslin, because I have a limited quantity of some lovely fabric I’m hoping to squeeze a dress and this skirt out of, and I wanted to see how much fabric it really uses.

Excuse the bizarre facial expressions and hand placements in these photographs, please! I find it so difficult to take pictures of myself.

I used a stretch cotton broadcloth from Gorgeous Fabrics, which was wonderful to work with.  I made the size 34, because the pattern said to go by your hip measurement, not your waist measurement…and it ended up being a bit tight for me in the waist. I don’t think you can tell in the photo, and I don’t think it actually looks tight, but I do prefer to wear my clothes a bit looser than most people.

Don't look at the bizarre hand placement!

I ended up having to do a fairly major alteration and take out about 2″ from the hips. Right before I sewed in the lining, I had the good sense to check the fit one last time, and I’m happy I did, because the hips were gaping in a very unattractive way. The alteration I made seems to change the silhouette of the skirt, which is supposed to be more rounded in the hip area…but it has to fit me, so a straight skirt it is! I was worried because my New Complete Guide says not to try such a large alteration in a skirt, but I had no choice, so I plowed forward.

I love the look and feel of the fabric. It was actually twice as expensive as the fabric I want to use, but I have a LOT of it. I actually don’t know what to do with the rest of it. I have more than two yards, and it’s fairly stiff, so I may make a spring coat!

All in all, I am just so pleased with this skirt. It is an A+ pattern in my mind, and it really is as versatile as they say. I am really enjoying making it a second time right now!


4 Responses to “A truly wearable muslin”

  1. yahaira Says:

    it looks so awesome! such a happy color for spring, and the fit looks great. I’ve been eyeing this pattern, but the thought of printing and taping it up makes me lazy 🙂

  2. Tasia Says:

    Cute! LOVE the hot pink, it’s so modern and fresh. Great job, and how nice when a muslin turns into something you actually want to wear!

  3. […] not too much to be said here! After making the muslin last week, I had all the alterations to the master pattern and was content to go to work. The waist of the […]

  4. Andi Says:

    Love you skirt! If only I were not short-waisted and busty, I would totally make this as well.

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