My favorite FO so far…

April 5, 2010

…and I really hope y’all enjoy it, because it may be the last one I post for a little while! I’ve been incredibly sick and, accordingly, so slow and unmotivated. Every time I sit down at my machine, I start falling asleep.

Yes, it’s the (finally) completed Building Blocks quilt! See those splotches? That’s the backing fabric shinin’ through. It ruins the effect, but I can’t get too upset at the lovely morning sunlight in the park 🙂

the back, so you can see it in all its glory and brightness!

I quilted this with invisible thread.

“That invisible thread?” you say. “You mean the kind nobody uses?”

Yes, that invisible thread.

“You mean they still sell that stuff?”

Yes, they do. At Winmil. And I was naught but its latest victim.

I finished this only by quilting for about fifteen minutes every day, which was all I (in my sickness) and my machine (in its wisdom) could handle before the thread started bunching and creating these tough little plastic balls all over the back of my quilt! I at least had the humility to listen to the shop owners when they told me not to even attempt to wind it into a bobbin, so I used white. You can’t tell. The back is pretty dramatic, even after being subdued by stippling (seriously, you can’t see through the quilt that much in real life. But now I’m debating switching the brand of batting I use.) The back is an apparel fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics that I bought because I didn’t click the “view fabric with ruler” icon (duh) before I added it to my cart. I didn’t like it for a garment, but LOVE it for a quilt.

Relevant info:

1. Block fabrics are Paula Prass Wild Thyme (the tulips); AMH Little Folks Voile; Yuwa/ Kei Honeycomb (obvi) in Steel; Kona Cotton in Ash, Coal, and Charcoal; and a Windham red dot pattern.

2. Threads were Dritz invisible thread (stay away!!!) and Gutermann 20.

3. Size is about 62″ square (a tiny bit too small for my taste).

4. Sashing fabric is Kona Bone (love this and have bought it for another upcoming quilt).

5. Block technique is very elementary…squares drawn on posterboard, lines somewhat randomly drawn (it still has to be a nice, uniform size, y’all…can’t get too crazy!), and templates cut out. See the post about the top for more info.

I hope I’ll have some energy tonight…wish me luck!


4 Responses to “My favorite FO so far…”

  1. it looks GREAT!!!! I hope you feel better!!!

  2. yahaira Says:

    oh dear, that invisible thread is a bastard. but it came out gorgeous! I’d say the pain was worth it. feel better!!

  3. pippapatchwork Says:

    Gorgeous! Very well done. I hope you feel better–the weather is too beautiful to be sick!

  4. Joanna Says:

    Monet, I have used invisible thread in about a million quilts – ok slight exaggeration there – but it can be used successfully. For me, the trick is to completely change the top tension. I have to loosen it, almost until it can’t be loosened any more. You were also given the right advice about not using it in the bobbin. That would just be a disaster! If you can match the bobbin thread color to the the quilt top, you won’t see it much.

    I just did some Map of the States blocks for a swap I’m in – fun method….for a couple of blocks! Kudos to you for doing a whole quilt with it! It looks great!

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