Building Blocks quilt top

March 22, 2010

When I came home from the first NEMQ meeting a few weeks ago, I challenged myself to make a quilt of my own design, on the spot, using only fabrics from my stash. Result:

(Sorry for the shadows cast by the monkey bars!) Y’all can probably guess that I love, love, love this top. I used Kona in Ash, Coal, and Charcoal; Yuwa/Kei Honeyomb (of course) in Steel (both directions–gray dots on white and white dots on gray, though they read similarly in the finished blocks); AMH Little Folks Voile; Paula Prass Wild Thyme; a Windham red-and-white polka dot; and a giant, bold, red floral from Gorgeous Fabrics (which has also become the back). I used every scrap of fabric I had in my stash and had to use one teeny piece of Midwest Modern when I did not have enough gray fabric to finish the last piece in the final block. Hopefully it isn’t too noticeable (to you…it is screaming out at me from its resting place).

After I finished this, I learned that the block is called Map of the States and was invented by Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson…with a much more sophisticated and easier method of piecing than I used. Yes, I used old file folders.  I fussy-cut every piece of fabric in these blocks (that’s about 400 pieces of fabric, if you’re interested in knowing that sort of thing).

fabric and block detail

There are actually four different blocks, which I worried wouldn’t be enough to differentiate them…but now I think it was unnecessary even to make four! Once they’re all sewn up into the quilt, they look completely different anyway.

I absolutely love this and, accordingly, made the sandwich immediately, only to run out of quilting thread a few minutes later. Not wanting to waste precious weekend quilting time going all the way to the store to buy thread, I began a new top instead. I’m going to try quilting with invisible thread for the first time, because I don’t think any one color will do justice to every patch. I can’t wait to quilt it, and plan to stipple it, as usual.

In other news, I spent some time making some great blocks from Modify Tradition this weekend…you should check it out! The site and tutorials are wonderful and the blocks are a perfect complement to my newly acquired library of Profiler DVDz (thank you, Katie P.). I’ll post some blocks later this week. Until then…


3 Responses to “Building Blocks quilt top”

  1. Maritza Says:

    Wow, this is stunning! You did such a beautiful job with it.

  2. yahaira Says:

    this is so gorgeous (I feel like I said that on every blog post you write!) the different greys just make those reds and pinks pop. you have the best stash!

    if you want to use a color for the thread I would go for a very light grey. like gutermman 9045(my fave!)

  3. pippapatchwork Says:

    Beautiful! I’m so impressed you finished it that quickly!

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