The great wonky star failure

February 17, 2010

I took Gwen Marston’s “Liberated Quiltmaking” (the sadly out-of-print first edition) out of the library a few weeks ago and am loath to give it back. I love the wonky star quilts in her book, and set about making one of my own.

The conclusion of this experiment was the realization that I reallyreally need a design wall. And also a better place to take photos:

It measures about 63″ square, and I used a variety of Kona solids, Art Gallery prints, and shot cottons (of course).  I wanted an endearingly wonky look…but the only word that comes to mind when I look at it is “weird.”

Truth be told, though, I had a lot of fun making the blocks. The block is fast, fun, inventive, and pleasurable…and you can use up a lot of scraps in a little time. I want to return to it and see how quilting changes it, but I’m discouraged.

To add insult to injury, the photo shoot revealed that I had been eating a chocolate bar when I was making it and had smudged a spot (yikes). Then, when I was throwing it over my shoulder to bring it back inside, I dropped it in the slushy mud (cue Linus music). I had to fold it up without looking at it again!

In other sewing news, I preordered this amazing book and received it the day after its release:

It. is. SO. good. I have already made two dresses (since Sunday), both of which are in the final stages (binding and button sewing). They are sundresses, so I will have to be creative with showing them to you, as it is in the 30s here, but I am so excited to write about them. Last night, I was looking at them side-by-side, and I was so proud of myself I cried. Yes, it may sound pathetic, but hopefully you, too, have experienced such creative bliss in your lifetime and you can understand my sentiment.

More soon!


7 Responses to “The great wonky star failure”

  1. Don’t despair!!!! I have found that some of most unlike quilts by myself transform after some long arm quilting! I love the quilt and absolutely love Marston quilt books. Drop on by my blog if you ever need to visit a wonky corner of life :>)

  2. pippapatchwork Says:

    I’m dying to get that book! We have a copy in the office, but I need to buy my own. Sundress weather will be here in no time, right?!?

  3. Sara Says:

    LOVE built by wendy. I jsut bought this and while I won’t be making anything from this one for a while I have found the other two books SO helpful. I have some fabric to make some projects from each of Sew U and Home Stretch that I need to get going on (amongst many other things…)

  4. Sara Says:

    PS, can’t wait to see the dresses, if they are tear-worthy (in a good way…)

  5. I think it’s a beautiful star quilt. All it needs is some wonderful quilting (and a good cleaning).

  6. […] have a few more FOs to show you and am finished stippling the wonky star top…it does look much better now that it’s washed and quilted. Thanks for cheering me on! […]

  7. […] my serious issues with this quilt last month, I love it and I am so happy that people encouraged me to finish it. I planned to do a pieced back […]

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