Animal squares quilt top

January 29, 2010

I am quite proud of this top!  It’s a completely improvised design, made for my friend’s baby’s first birthday…which is still a long way off, but I couldn’t wait to use my Laurie Wisbrun fabric.  I bought several yards of Denyse Schmidt fabric from the Hope Valley line at Hawthorne Threads for a half-square triangle quilt I’m making (I know, I know…they’re everywhere!), but I decided to cut into it for this little top…and I’m so glad I did! I used Kona cotton in Charcoal for the background.

Here are some shots of individual squares:

whoops...a stray thread.

I’m actually almost finished with the quilt…I made the pieced back last night and plan to do the sandwich in the morning. For some reason, I think it’s just screaming to become a tied quilt, and I have some tweedy, black yarn that’s been collecting dust bunnies in my stash for two years and wants to be employed in just such a project.

If you haven’t heard of Laurie Wisbrun, she’s a wonderful, (formerly) independent fabric designer. Her fabric is going to be released by Kaufman in the spring, which is very exciting to me! I love her chairs and sofas series, and I bought the very last FQ of the chartreuse sofa fabric in her shop. It’s about to become a small pillow. I think her fabrics are great for children, but suitable for adults (see here) as well.

I hope to have FO shots of these projects soon…until then, happy quilting!


4 Responses to “Animal squares quilt top”

  1. Hi Monet! It is LOVELY. I’m super impressed that you completely improvised the design! Can’t wait to see how you finish it. I think tying it would be completely charming. I would love it if you would post pictures to my flickr account? Thanks so much for your nice comments about my designs!

  2. Georgia Says:

    I love this! Well done 🙂

  3. Ali Says:

    This is an amazing design and a fantastic use of these animal squares ! The colors are really unique, pleasant and eye catching at the same time. This will end up being a “woobie” for that lucky little one! Your Nan actually uses a baby quilt made for you as a table topper in the corner of her living room! I remain amazed by your talents…..!

  4. Ali Says:

    P.S. I would quilt with whatever method will make the quilt easier for a little one to wrap and snuggle with-

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