A year in reflection and a new direction.

January 4, 2010

In retrospect, I realize that I failed to blog successfully about knitting in 2009. There are several reasons for this, the most important being that I love many crafts other than knitting that I felt I could not put under the limiting masthead. So I am revamping the blog entirely, placing it under a broader umbrella, which I hope you will enjoy. I am deleting many old posts, leaving up only my favorites, as I embark on an attempt to write regularly about all of the things I make and love.

But first, I want to look back on some of the things I created in 2009. Despite spending what seemed like every waking moment studying for the LSAT and working, I think I managed to produce quite a bit and am very proud of it!

[not pictured: three hats and one pair of socks, all recently completed]

1. K’s baby jacket 2. K’s baby booties 3. Treeline Stripe cardigan 4. Thorpe 5. Half-Ana Sundara socks 6. Formerly Useless cowl 7. Shawl of Destiny 8. Dulaan hat and mittens 9. Sundara lace socks 10. Shetland Triangle, v.2 11. Destroyed sweater 12. Flower square experiment 13. Granny square pillow 14. Baby washcloths 15. Blue lagoon socks 16. Stripey socks 17. Baby Thorpe 18. Baby cowl 19. Fuzzy lamb/ bunny 20. Spinning experiment

Some of the above are blog links, and some are Ravelry links.

I received a lovely new sewing machine for Christmas and am already 95% of the way through my first quilt. Photos to come soon!


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