The very best baby.

December 10, 2009

My wonderful friend K. had a baby (also K.) in March, and I fell in love with him.  He is an excellent baby! I have knitted him many things in the past, entirely voluntarily, so when K. commissioned me to make an aviator hat for him, I couldn’t have been happier.  I turned to Rav immediately and began scouting for aviator baby hats, but I came up with nothing.

Then I realized something fantastic: Thorpe is easily modifiable for babies–and perfect for them. Yay.

Pattern: Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Fez, 1 ball cream and 1 ball aqua

Needles: US 8, I think…KnitPicks Options

Knit while listening to: Something from the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series. And flying to Vegas.

I knit the size medium at whatever the suggested gauge for the yarn was…which yielded an 18″ head (I had the foresight to measure his head before casting on, and he had the patience and wisdom to submit).  I think I knit 5″ in stockinette, and then 3.5″ in garter. Thank you, pom pom maker, for finally going to good use…3 years after your purchase.

K. also asked me to make “something, not a scarf, to keep his neck warm.”  So I made a cowl, naturally. Five-and-one alternating stripes, starting and ending with aqua, to complement the hat without being too matchy.

…and a half-double crochet edging to complement the hat edging.  I cast on 72 stitches, I THINK, for a cowl circumference of 18″. My jogless join stripes were a little loose, but hopefully she didn’t notice.  I think it is 6.5″ long.

Overall, I was very happy with it…especially when she brought him in wearing it and it fit him perfectly…<sigh of relief>.


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