And now…some socks.

December 1, 2009

I love these socks and I am giving to my best friend for her birthday…which was October 12th.  The weird thing was…I actually did finish them in time, I just never sent them.  And now she is going to be here for MY birthday, during which time they will be gifted.

Pattern: my own!

Yarn: Madelinetosh Sock in Rosewood and Sundara Sock in Brambleberry

Needles: my trusty 8″ Inox size 0

I knit a six-row picot edge (my absolute favorite sock, glove, etc. edge), then did alternating three-and-one stripes. Both socks, obviously, are different because I thought I would run out of yarn. Both Sundara and MadTosh last FOREVER…I had already made a pair of socks with my Brambleberry and crocheted a few flowers with it before starting the socks. Thank you, $5 Wal-Mart scale, for making these socks possible.

I still had yarn leftover, somehow.  I did a slipped-stitch heel (my heel repertoire is limited…and why go against the things you love?) and a wedge toe, which I probably won’t do again. I prefer the feel of a grafted toe. You have to cinch the wedge toe so tight to get the hole to close. And then you stay up all night obsessing over the various ways the toe could just BURST open on the recipient, humiliating you and your professed knitting skills.

I apologize for the awful photos. The table where I usually take my knitting photos was taken away from me. It was the most disgusting, rotten, moldy table, but it provided such a lovely backdrop for my knitted goods. Unfortunately, I think it takes real effort to make a table that appallingly dirty, and it could be quite some time before I am able to recreate one.

But I think I’m going to be crocheting next, anyway 🙂


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