Blue lagoon socks.

August 9, 2009

Here is the project that got me back into knitting after a three-month break (I know, I know, but I did fill the time with crochet, after all):

BR socks 1Pattern: Red Brick Road Socks by Wendy Johnson

Yarn: Schaefer Yarn Company Little Lola, colorway “Peter”

Needles: Hiya Hiya 6″dpns, US size 2

Knit while watching: 24 (a show I hate) and lots of Frasier (a show I love)

I did Judy’s Magic Cast-on, of course, which required watching the Cat Bordhi video again, since I hadn’t done the cast-on in a while. The cast-on is wonderful and Cat Bordhi does an excellent job demonstrating it, but watching the clock and jungle bit repeatedly can get a little irritating.

BR socks 3

The “Little Lola” was a great yarn for this project, though a little rougher and more cottony than most merino sock yarn I’ve tried. I thought the project would be quick and easy because of the yarn weight–it was simple, but slow. First, I had some gauge issues…then I settled on the size small (for a size 8.5 foot), which is knit over 56 stitches–just as many as a normal sock. The yarn was very inflexible and has very little give, but the socks fit perfectly. I also knit a 9.5″ inch leg, because I couldn’t see another use for the yarn scraps from this and I wanted to use it all up.

BR socks 4

I have decided that I much prefer cuff-down socks. I don’t like the way the increases on the side of the heel look in toe-up socks. It drives me insane and I’m convinced it’s going to wear out in ten minutes. Look at this:

BR socks 5But all in all, a very successful project. And I have several more things in the works. My friend Alexis got us the new Classic Elite books in Pennsylvania because apparently none of the Boston area yarn stores will be carrying them (or Made in Brooklyn…don’t get me started) until early September. Wtf?

BR socks 2Anyway…go make these socks immediately! You’ll be glad you did.


3 Responses to “Blue lagoon socks.”

  1. Ali Says:

    those socks are absolutely awesome-love the color! I am still astounded by your skill and am just as amazed at your photographic talent- you make every project look like it was a photo shoot for Vogue Knitting! I think you will wear both cardigans often as they both are “you!” 2 projects at once is a good idea to avoid burnout- Can’t wait to see them!

  2. kae Says:

    Hey! Just dropping by to say hi and thanks for commenting on my blog 🙂 Those socks look fantastic ! Loving the colour !

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