Picture-heavy post

March 26, 2009

So, I’ve finally done it: I finished the Treeline Stripe Cardigan. Well, I actually finished knitting and seaming in about two weeks, but knitting the collar and buying/ sewing buttons took the better part of a month and a half (you know how that goes).

on-tablePattern: Treeline Stripe Cardigan

Yarn: Berocco Peruvia, 7128 and 7120

Needles: KnitPicks Options, Sizes 7 and 8

The sweater started out nicely enough: I liked the colors together (and still do). I knew I wanted a very cozy sweater-coat for wearing around the house and occasionally in public if the need arose. My other house sweaters are pilling all over the place and generally unacceptable for public viewing. So I cast on for a sleeve while the movers were packing up my apartment (this sweater is clearly tied to some bad memories–Lolly and many others have written about this). I finished one sleeve as they were packing–a very auspicious beginning. I did 8 inches of ribbing in the MC, for the record.


Then I began the body, where I also did 6 inches of ribbing, and I brought the other sleeve as my commuting project. Not one of my better ideas–it is now a general rule of my knitting to never do two-color knitting, no matter how simple, on the train. Anyway, it proceeded quickly, as did the body, especially when paired with a Top Chef marathon.

standing-side-detail[Please try to ignore the fact that I look like a depressed cowboy in all of these photos.]

Anyway, joining the sleeves to the body was only slightly dramatic–the Peruvia is pretty inflexible as far as wool goes, and it did not want to be participating in that stage of the process. But I carried on and began the decreases and shaping. I did not do such a drastic V-neck as the pattern calls for because I knew mine would not be fitted–I am very petite and have narrow shoulders, so even the 34 would be huge, and that’s what I wanted.

collar-onIn case anyone is wondering, the answer is yes–the pattern has a huge typo in the instructions for decreasing for the neck. I knew I wanted a huge collar, so I basically winged it when I reached that point. I tried it on over a couple of shirts until it looked right and I bound off.

button-detailAren’t the buttons perfect? Thank you, Windsor Button, as always. You are amazing…and the owner’s husband is lovely and really has an eye for buttons.

So I did the edging and I worked a double-yarnover buttonhole–four of them, to be precise. Then I picked up stitches for the collar. By this point, the sweater weighed about as much as I do and I felt like I was wrestling a golden retriever.

hanging-collar-detailBut I soldiered on and finished a 9-inch collar in two nights while watching a Lost marathon (notice a theme? Nobody loves a marathon like I do).

And, as my nana would say, that’s all she wrote. I am happy with it, but I didn’t love making it, for various reasons (including its association with my move). At the end of the day, I hate working stockinette stitch that much. In my heart, I am a process knitter…more specifically, a lace knitter, but that’s another post (to come). I just find no joy in knitting and purling endlessly, especially over a sweater coat that seems to never grow.

On the plus side, it IS warm! It IS cozy! It IS perfect for wearing in the house! So in the end, I accomplished my goal.

parking-lotI know I look sad in these photos, but it was 7 am. I’m not really that sad.

I am sure I made other mods, so if you’re interested, just ask me or send me a Rav message. If you actually read this far…thank you!



4 Responses to “Picture-heavy post”

  1. daniele Says:

    love the sweater! ps, you dont look like a cowboy. 🙂

  2. judy Says:

    i love this sweater, though the bulk would be a bit much for me. the colors are so soothing, though, and perfect buttons. i have three unfinished cardigans, all just waiting on the perfect buttons.
    umm, what was the neck decrease in the pattern that you mentioned?

    • madebymonet Says:

      Thanks! It IS pretty bulky, but I am always cold. The neck decreases were basic neck decreases–k4, k2tog, knit to 4 stitches from end, k2tog. The problem in the end was that their numbers were just completely off, and I made fewer decreases than they called for–I decreased down to 84 stitches. I think that most people would want 70-80.

      Here is the pattern, in case you want to check it out: http://www.purlbee.com/striped-cardigan/.

      Finding buttons is so hard…though there are some great stores in NYC and Boston, if you can get there!

  3. gwen Says:

    it turned out
    i am so tempted
    to start one
    your photos,
    congrats on
    a finished project!

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