March 14, 2009

Otherwise known as the Formerly Useless Cowl.

cowl and table

I was reading through my blogroll recently and I stumbled upon a post from I-don’t-know-who (I should pay closer attention) in which the writer described her growing w.i.p. basket full of projects that would probably never be completed. She wrote about how the best possible thing to do would be to re-purpose the projects: turn them into felted bags, or leg warmers, or whatever–just do something with the pile of fabric that, lest you forget, you spent actual money and time creating.

In that spirit, I bring you the FUC (Formerly Useless Cowl).

inside shotThis cowl began life as some ridiculous lace sweater/wrap from Berta K’s Runway Knits. I traipsed out to School Products in NYC (even though I think the owners are kind of mean) and bought myself 1400 yards of cashmere (yes, 1400 yards. Yes, it was extremely expensive.). Anyway, I decided this would be a good travel-to-India project. As my friend I. says, not so much.

I didn’t really understand lace knitting back then, so this (like the Razor Lace Cowl) is a Pattern of My Own Creation. I finished about 12? 14? 16? inches of it in my 3-week trip and then abandoned it–for more than an entire year. That is unheard of for me…first, I haven’t really been knitting long enough to abandon something for a year and second, I hate having unfinished projects lying around.

After I was inspired by the repurposing lecture, I pulled this out of my knitting bin, wrapped it haphazardly around my head, decided it was probably a good size for a cowl, and bound off. I backstitched the thing together and…

cowl full-length…it is now the coziest thing I own. After only 20 minutes of work while watching Arrested D on Hulu. I always thought cowls were kind of weird and creepy (sorry, legions of knitters), but I haven’t taken this off since I finished it. The only negative is that beige is a terrible color to put next to my face. That is, of course, a small price to pay for comfort.

lace detailSo even though it may not have been worth the FULL price of 3 balls of cashmere (since I used only about a quarter of one of them), I am still very, very pleased.

And if that isn’t a lesson, I don’t know what is.


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