Softy Thorpe

March 3, 2009

My first Project Spectrum item, knit in a record 2 days:

Top detail

Yarn: Classic Elite Lush, 2 balls (needed for excessive poms)

Needles: US 9 KnitPicks Options

Pattern: Thorpe by Kristen Kapur

It took two days to finish this, most of which was spent winding poms (not my favorite knitting activity, but made easier by a pom-pom contraption my mother gave me three years ago).  This was my train-knitting project (although I recently discovered that socks are a far superior train knitting project), and I was complimented on it by the woman sitting next to me one morning–she seemed impressed by Magic Loop, but it was 7:30 AM and I was exhausted and didn’t explain it to her (not that I really could).  Ordinarily I would have launched into a long explanation about the genius of Magic Loop, how shocked I am that nobody thought of it before, how much I hate dpn’s, etc., etc., but I was caught up in the knitting.

Pom extravaganza

Lush is a wonderful yarn–light, soft, and very fuzzy.  The sample at my LYS has grown very hazy from excessive touching, so I expect that this will lose stitch definition quickly.  It was also nearly impossible to wind into a ball because it felted together after sitting in my stash for only six months.  That is not okay.

Side angle pose

I had to alter the pattern slightly because I knit it at a tighter gauge…I think I knit a medium  and it fits well.

Half-double crochet!

I also learned to half-double crochet, as seen in the above photo.  I love to crochet…I am strongly right-hand dominant and I enjoy not having to worry about everything going on in my left hand.

Thorpe on chair.

This was a good Project Spectrum item because while we are supposed to be knitting with Spring in mind, March and April do not really constitute Spring in this part of the world.  It’s 4 degrees outside.

Now onto bigger projects, including the final stages of my Purl Bee Treeline Stripe and Socks of My Own Creation…


2 Responses to “Softy Thorpe”

  1. daniele Says:

    this is so cute! love the color and the use of the expression “excessive poms”…

    is this for you or a gift?

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